How To Clean Your Vacuum Properly

October 21st, 2013

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Cleaning a vacuum cleaner properly can actually help to improve the performance of the device. If you are planning to clean the hose of your vacuum cleaner, you must know how to properly do it, and there are some guidelines you can follow to accomplish that, as this can be a somewhat complicated task. Here’s some tips on how to perform it correctly.

Firstly, remove the vacuum hose. Clearing the hose is a priority because blockages can make the equipment lose its suction power. If there is an obstruction in the hose, you can gently unclog it with a very common coat hanger.

Fetch your garden hose, if you have one and connect it to one end of the vacuum’s hose. This can help remove sticky dirt which may be clinging or covering the inside of the hose. If you think this is necessary, make sure that the hose is completely dry before re-attaching it. Since you’ll be cleaning it with water, make sure you hang it outdoors to dry.

After taking care of the hose, proceed to remove the protective covering of the rotating brush, exposing it. Check for little strings or hair tangled in the bristles, and if there are any you can use a wide tooth comb to remove them. Verify if there are any other obstructions. If the hose fitting is connected through the base that holds the beater bar, you need to make sure there are no obstructions in this area too. Remove all air filters, and rinse well, exposing them in the sun to dry afterwards. If you have a smaller upright vacuum cleaner, you should clean the bag, switching the bag for a new one, if necessary.

Wipe the inside of the chamber containing the bag of the vacuum cleaner. Replace all filters, hoses and caps for your vacuum cleaner to be reassembled as before. Make sure that all parts are dry before reinstalling all of them, you don’t want to wreak havoc within the vacuum’s electric system, if it ever comes to contact with the damp pieces. To find out more, visit website.

If you follow this guidelines, it will save you the trouble of having to replace any broken parts, or even purchase a new vacuum cleaner, since dust accumulation from successive uses can damage the vacuum’s system or pieces. By taking this precautions, you can be sure that you’ll extend the lifespan of you vacuum cleaner and that the equipment will maintain its integrity and performance rate at high levels.